executive board

Julian Reyes-Cruz


I am a 4th year Management and Business Economics major. Besides Delta Sigma Pi, I  have served as the VP of outreach for PFC. I was initiated in the Eta class in Spring 2018 and since then I have held the positions of Vice President of Pledge Education, Vice President Chapter Operations, Social Chair and currently President. On my free time I like to listen to music, paint and go on Dutch Bro Runs.My favorite DSP memory would be attending Lead School Fall ’19. I learned professional practices and expanded my network. In the future I want to pursue a career in Human Resources.

Teresa Truong

senior vice president

 I am a 4th year Management and Business Economics major and am currently serving as Senior Vice President for DSP, I have also held the positions of public relations chair, webmaster, and vice president of pledge education. I have also worked as an Orientation Leader for two years at UC Merced. Some of my hobbies include listening to reggaeton and binge watching TV shows, watching youtube or streaming in other platforms. My favorite DSP memory would be my first dsp retreat becuase I really got to bond with my chapter.


vice president of pledge education

I am a 3rd year management and business economics major with a double major in political science and minor in spanish. I am part of the Mu class (Fall 2021) and currently serve as Vice President of Pledge Education. I have also recently completed my internship with Business Society and will be more involved with their organization. On my free time I enjoy reading, watching tv shows and listening to music. So far my favorite DSP memory has been participating in Kappa Sigma’s Most Wanted Week. In specific, the dance battle was the most memorable since so many brothers showed up and participated alongside each other.

Cecilia Martinez

vice president of finance 

I’m a 4th year Management and Business Economics & Psychology double major. During my time at uc merced I came across Delta Sigma Pi and joined the Kappa class. Aside from DSP I hold other positions in hermanas unidas as Public Relations chair and Fundraising Chair for the Psi Chi/Psychology Club. During my time at Delta Sigma Pi, I have held the positions of Fundraising Chair and I am now the VP of Finance for our chapter. During my free time I like to watch paint, bake, go on target runs with friends and go on spontaneous road trips. My favorite DSP memory was getting my little. My future career interest is to work in marketing.


Laura Cabrera

vice president of chapter operations

I’m a 4th year at UC Merced, studying Management and Business Economics and minoring in Political Science from Los Angeles. I’m part of the Theta Class (Fall 2019) and currently serve as the Vice President of Chapter Operations and webmaster for DSP. I’m also the Marketing Director of Internal Affairs in ASUCM Campus Activities Board. In Summer 2021, I interned at Wells Fargo as a Control Management Intern and in the past school year, I interned at the Central CA Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Regional Network. In my free time, I like to create and find niche Spotify playlists. My favorite DSP memory has been picking up my littles!

Maryuri Herrera


I am a fourth-year Management and Business Economics major. I will be graduating this year in spring 2022. I joined DSP in the spring of 2020 and am part of the Iota class. I am currently Chancellor where I am in charge of weekly chapter meetings and making sure they run smoothly. in the past, I was Social Chair in Spring 2021 and Fundraising Chair in Fall 2021. During my free time, I like to do makeup, go to the gym, and watch shows on Netflix. My favorite DSP memory is when I hung out with my Iota class during the pledging process and we had a great time together. We bonded, played games, and took pictures. in the future, I would like to work in the management field in marketing because I am interested in working in team building and designing. 

Magali Torres

vice president of professional activities

I am currently a 4th year part of the Iota pledge Class. My hometown is Merced and I am currently the VPPA for DSP. I also serve as the Guest Services & Employer Relations Representative for the Center for Career and Professional Advancement, and a Fellow with the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. I have recently completed the stores executive internship with Target which I learned a lot from. My hoobies include trying or visiting local places. trying new Food, creating art, whatever it may be I think it’s really cool to see Merced grow. my favorite dsp memory was Yoga Zoom Chapters with the bros. We always found a way to stay connected even if we weren’t in person.


Drake Boots

vice president of community service

Hello everyone, my name is Drake Boots. I am a second year Management and Business Economics major. I was initiated as part of the lambda class and I now serve as the Vice President of Community Service. My hometown is Tracy, California. In my free time I like to read and keep healthy by exercising. My favorite DSP Memory was meeting all the bros and continuing to bond with my brothers.

Daisy Medina

vice president of scholarship and awards

I’m a third year Political Science and Economics major. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I’m also apart of STEP Scholars on campus. I currently work at my family’s small business. Some of my hobbies include reading, working out and being an avid dodgers fan. My favorite DSP memory has to be our recruitment week. I enjoy getting to know PNM’s and working as a group to make our events enjoyable and resourceful.



vice president of Alumni Relations

I am a second-year Management and Business Economics major, minoring in both (Professional) Writing Studies, and Management Analytics and Decision-Making. I was initiated as part of the Lambda Class, and last fall I served as our Vice President of Pledge Education. Aside from DSP, I am also a member of the Fiat Lux Scholars Program and Undergraduate Research Journal. In my free time I enjoy watching sports and listening to music. My favorite DSP memory thus far has been celebrating the holiday season with my brothers. I hope to one day work at the intersection of sports and business, particularly front office operations.