executive board

daisy Medina


I’m a fourth-year double major in Political Science and management and business Economics. Since my initiation into the Lambda Class in the spring of 2021, I have served as Vice President of Scholarship and Awards and I now serve as the President. Additionally, i’m a member of STEP Scholars. I’ve made many memories in DSP, but my favorite has to be our Santa Cruz retreat this spring. We all drove up for the weekend and enjoyed our time together on the beach.

Brianna roman casian

senior vice president

I’m a third-year management and business economics major, double majoring in political science, and minoring in Spanish. I have held the position of Vice President of the Research and Development department for Business Society. Throughout Spring 2021 I had the honor of being Vice President of Pledge Education. There are so many great memories I’ve made with my brothers, one of my favorite is our Santa Cruz retreat.

 Jenny Cruz 

vice president of pledge education

Hello my name is Jenny Cruz and I am a 3rd year. I currently hold the position VPPE. I am also part of Hermana Unidas. On my free time I like to binge watch shows and go sightseeing. My favorite DSP memory was going to Santa Cruz and big & little Reveal. In the future I want to work in marketing or accounting. 

Aida Chen

vice president of finance 

I am a fourth year Management Business Economics major with a Natural Science Education minor. I was initiated as part of the MU class and currently serve as the Vice President of Finance. During my time in DSP, I have also served as the fundraising chair. Outside of DSP, I am a member of the Marketing Club and work on campus as a student assistant for the CalTeach Department. In my free time, I enjoy going on food adventures, hiking, and binge-watching shows. My favorite DSP memory was our retreat in Santa Cruz as I enjoyed bonding with my brothers.


Sheyla Williams Avila

vice president of chapter operations

I am currently a fourth year graduating in May 2023. I’m part of the Lamda Class. In DSP I hold the positions of Risk Management and VP of Chapter Operations.  My favorite DSP memory would be my initiation because I entered this amazing organization with other amazing indiviuals, in that moment we became a family. After college I plan hopefully work within Investment Banking as either a financial analyst or as a client facing associates. I also plan on pursuing a masters and PhD.

Javier Calles


I am a 3rd year Management and Business Economics major, minoring in both Professional Writing Studies, and Management Analytics and Decision-Making. I am part of the Lambda Class and currently serve as our chapter’s Chancellor. In the past, I have also served as Vice President of Pledge Education, along with Vice President of Alumni Relations. Aside from Delta Sigma Pi, I am also a part of the Undergraduate Research Journal and Fiat Lux Program. Thus far, my favorite DSP memory has been hosting Fraternity Feud with my Big Brother (Junior) during our philanthropy week.

Esmeralda Quintero

vice president of professional activities

I’m a third year pursuing a degree in Business Management & Economics. I current hold the Vice President of Professional Activities position. I hope to connect brothers with opportunities. My favorite memory with DSP has been seeing brothers graduate college and excelling their careers. This year I’m looking forward to seeing my fellow brothers grow professionally.


Benson Zhang

vice president of community service

I am a 4th-year Economics major with an emphasis in quantitative economics. I am part of the Nu class (Spring 2022). This year I will be serving as the Vice president of Community Service. I am also part of the Hmong Student Association. My favorite DSP memory so far was our spring retreat to Santa Cruz.

Jesus Gonzalez

vice president of scholarship and awards

I’m a fourth Year Management Business and Economics Major with a Psychology Minor. I currently hold the position of VP of Scholarship and Awards. Another organization that I am apart of is Business Society. My Favorite DSP Memory would be going to the Santa Cuz retreat because I was able to show Brothers the best that SC has to offer and all the memories made.


Dahena Martinez

vice president of marketing

My name is Dahena Martinez and I am a 3rd year. I currently hold the position of vice president of marketing. I have also been a part of the business society also working with digital content creation. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, listening to music and going out. My favorite DSP memory is every chapter meeting because I genuinely enjoy being with my brothers and bonding with such a supportive group of people. My plans for the future are to dive into finance and gather more marketing experience in the real world.


Angel Alvarez

vice president of Alumni Relations

I am a fourth-year Business and Economic Major and part of the NU class (spring 2022). Currently I am the VP of Alumni Relations and Social Co-chair, being new to the organization as well to the positions makes me excited and determined to give it my best. I am also part of Pi Kappa Phi, a social fraternity. My favorite DSP memory was experiencing our Philanthropy week. All the events we hosted were a blast and getting to meet other people from different organizations was cool!