executive board

Julian Reyes- cRUZ


I am a 4th year Management and Business Economics major with a minor in the Global Arts Study Program. Besides Delta Sigma Pi, I am also the director of a dance team on campus, Hip Hop Movement, and I am also a student assistant for the Students First Center. I was initiated in the Zeta class in fall 2018, and since then I have held the positions of Vice President of Professional Activities, Senior Vice President, and currently President. On my free time I like to focus on arts such as dancing, singing, and drawing.My favorite DSP memory would be when me and 21other brothers did a road trip to Portland, Oregon for or regional Delta Sigma Pi conference. In the future i want to work in Management or law.

tERESA Truong

senior vice president

 I am a 4th year MBE MAJOR with a political science minor and I’m serving as Senior Vice President for DSP, I’ve also been a part of the Marketing club which helps members by exposing them to different software and programs as well as networking. I currently work as a learning assistant in the Center for Educational Partnerships where I help high School students with SCHOOL WORK and AM ABLE TO SUPPORT THEM. my hobbies include  playing  soccer and volleyball, and playing video games. I also like to go out with my friends and just vibe. MY FAV DSP MEMORY IS MY RECRUITMENT/PLEDGING PROCESS, I LEARNED MORE ABOUT DSP AND CONNECTED WITH MY P-BROS. i WANT TO WORK IN THE MARKETING REALM OF BUSINESS, MAYBE BECOME A MARKET RESEARCH ANALYST IN THE FUTURE TO GROW PROFESSIONALLY.

Antonio Marquez

Vice President of Pledge Education

My name is Antonio Marquez, and I am a current fourth-year majoring in Management and Business Economics. Towards the very early part of my undergrad years, I decided to join the social fraternity of Pi Kappa Phi. This organization provided me many uncommon opportunities to work on myself and develop into a leader. I went from just being an active member taking part in committees to a chair position with my own committee and ultimately used these experiences to take on the role of being President of the Kappa Mu chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. During my second semester as president, I was one of 12-chapter presidents in the country to be part of small council that serve as advisors to our national office. Around this time, I realized that I needed to work on the professional part of my life and that was what led me to Delta Sigma Pi. That same semester I became an initiated member of Delta Sigma Pi as part of their Kappa class. I am currently the Vice President of Pledge Education for the Tau Chi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. I know my time here at DSP will not be long however I hope I can leave my mark on this chapter by sharing my experiences and helping out this chapter in any way I can.

Gisell Gonzalez

vice president of finance 

I’m a 4th year Management and Business Economics major with a minor in Psychology.  During my time at uc merced I came across Delta Sigma Pi and joined the Iota class. While attending school I used to be a Lead at Rockin Jump Trampoline Park but I now work at Hobby Lobby.During my time at UCMerced I came across Delta Sigma Pi and joined the Iota class spring 2020. I currently hold the position as VP of Finance for our chapter. During my free time I like to watch movies, play video games, and run. My favorite DSP memory is the Big and Little reveal because it was a special and exciting experience for my big and i. I am lucky to have him as my Big. My future career interest is to work in finance or management. I am considering becoming a financial accountant or going into management for a retail company.


Laura Cabrera

vice president of chapter operations

Hello, my name is Julian Reyes-Cruz and I’m a proud Deltasig. I am a 3rd year mbe student. I was initiated in spring 2019. I currently serve as the Vice President of Chapter Operations. in spring 2020, I served as the Vp of Pledge Education for the Iota class.  I now serve as the Professional Fraternity Council’s Vice President of Outreach. I am from Burbank, CA in the San Fernando Valley. In my free time, I listen to music, hang out with friends, and go on Dutch Bro runs. My favorite Dsp memory is attending a LEAD School conference in Oregon. Traveling by car for 12 hours made for great bonding and an unforgettable road trip. At LEAD I got to attend professional workshops that furthered my personal and professional development. I want to pursue a career in management either as an Industrial Production Manager or Industrial Relations Specialist. 

Ashley Tejada oliver


Hello! My name is Luis I’m currently a senior and expecTED to graduate in Spring 2021. I am part of the ETA class and got initiated in Spring 2019. Last academic year, I took the role of Vice President of Finance for our Chapter, and I currently serve as the Chancellor for our Chapter and looking forward for this semester. In my free time, I enjoy getting coffee, boba and food. I also enjoy doing outdoor activities such as hiking, amusement parks or even a simple walk. MY Favorite DSP memory IS Going to Portland, Oregon with my bros. my Career aspiration is to get into retail management or a career related to finance like accounting.

Angel Pivaral

vice president of professional activities

HELLO everyone, i’m angel pivaral and i graduate in May 2021, i’m from the Theta Class, currently serve as the Vice President of Professional Activities, during my free time, i like to game. my Favorite DSP memory are Dinners after chapters. my Career aspirations is to go work in Either finance or Marketing.


Magali Torres

vice president of community service

 I’m a 3rd year MBE major. I’m part of the Iota class from Spring 2020 and I served as my pledge class President. Now, as a brother, I currently serve as VP of Community Service. in May I was selected for the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 caps Cohort. Our Cohort will be presenting our research in October of this year at their first Virtual Statewide Convention. this Summer I served as a Reading Coach as well as become a Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. This Fall, I will be continuing my research with the CHCC, working with professor gray on research, and also working as Lead Intern for pals and of course, planning events for our chapter to give back to our community virtually. on my free time I paint and eat out with friends and family. My favorite DSP memory was learning about everyone’s favorite songs for a recruitment social! I want to pursue a career as the Director of Community Relations within an org, to give back through philanthropic work.

Laura Cabrera

vice president of scholarship and awards

I’m a 3rd year at UC Merced, studying Management and Business Economics and minoring in Political Science. Other than serving as vpsa for dsp, I am also involved in the Marketing Club, ASUCM-CAB, and work at the UC Merced- Students First Center and the UC Merced-Small Business Development Center. In my free time, I create Spotify playlists and work on my personal portfolio/website. my Favorite DSP memory is Spring Retreat 2020, I loved bonding with my brothers. I want to work in the entertainment or music business industry, I would like to network and work my way up to ideally do management. I envision myself creating merch for artists/organizations or being a publicist, I would really want to improve my graphic design and marketing skills in a team before taking a role in management. I want to eventually work under Sony Music, Universal Music Group or Live Nation..


Ashley Tejada Oliver

vice president of Alumni Relations

I am 3rd Year Double Majoring in Political Science and Management and Business Economics. I am an active member of the Merced Pre-Law Society at UC Merced. I am a student Staff member at the CARE Office and also serve as UC Merced’s Undergraduate Representative for the Title IX Advisory Board. I am part of the Kappa Class and currently serving as the Vice President of Alumni Relations. In my free time, I enjoy reading and spending time with my friends and family, and taking road trips. My career aspirations are to become a Corporate Attorney but first hope to join the Peace Corps after graduation.