chair positions

public relations

maria ramirez

I am Maria Ramirez Paredones, I’m from the Iota class and I will be graduating spring of 2021. In my years at UC Merced I have been part of Hermanos Unidos and a Mentor Program where I am CO-Student director. I currently work with the UC Merced Police Department and Emergency Management. Something I really enjoy doing in my free time is arts and crafts and organizing random stuff. My Favorite DSP memory is when I got initiated and we all ate pizza and played games to celebrate. I would like to work in Marketing or Consulting.

inter-chapter relations

miguel arana 

My name is Miguel Arana and I am a 3rd year Management and Business Economics Major. I am part of the Theta Class (Fall 2019) and will be graduating Fall 2021! I’m part of the marketing club and business society. the Marketing Club has helped me learn about potential careers in marketing and work with local businesses. i’m also part of the Business Society, which has helped me through group projects and soft skill workshops. I have worked on campus since my first year and work back home in the summers! I love listening to a variety of music, playing and watching sports (mainly basketball), and playing video games with my friends. my Favorite DSP memory was our winter Cook off. Everyone made delicious food, danced, and bonded together! I would love to do marketing, specially in the entertainment industry. my dream job is to work for a sports team such as the Lakers, or music company like spotify.


esmeralda espinal 

Class of 2021, Iota pledge class, Hermanos Unidos (HU) Club, Volleyball IM Leagues, Futsal IM Leagues, El Club De Español, Economics Club, Undocumented Scholars Academy, Investment Club, and Bobcat Leadership Series 1.0 & 2.0. My favorite DSP memory was the Big&Little reveal. I want to pursue a career in Real estate or Accounting.


julian reyes-cruz  

Hello, my name is Julian Reyes-Cruz and I’m a proud Deltasig. I am a 3rd year mbe student. I was initiated in spring 2019. I currently serve as the Vice President of Chapter Operations and co-Social Chair. in spring 2020, I served as the Vp of Pledge Education for the Iota class.  I now serve as the Professional Fraternity Council’s Vice President of Outreach. I am from Burbank, CA in the San Fernando Valley. In my free time, I listen to music, hang out with friends, and go on Dutch Bro runs. My favorite Dsp memory is attending a LEAD School conference in Oregon. Traveling by car for 12 hours made for great bonding and an unforgettable road trip. At LEAD I got to attend professional workshops that furthered my personal and professional development. I want to pursue a career in management either as an Industrial Production Manager or Industrial Relations Specialist. 


elise ng 

Hello everyone! My name is Elise Lok Gar Ng. I am a 4th year mbe major with a minor in psychology, graduating in May 2021. I was initiated in the Iota class in spring 2020. I currently serve as the Fundraising Chair for Delta Sigma Pi. I’m responsible for planning and organizing fundraising events to raise funds for our fraternity. Besides Dsp, I’m also an active member of the Marketing Club at UC Merced. My hobbies include watching movies, hanging out with friends, and playing with my puppies. My favorite DSP memory is when I first met all the brothers during the recruitment week. I’m glad to have met people with similar passions and goals as i. Joining DSP helped me to expand my network and grow professionally. My career aspiration is to work in marketing or management.


jenny wang 

Hi, my name is Jenny Wang and I am class of 2021 at UC Merced. I pledged in fall 2018 as part of the Zeta class. During my time in DSP I have held positions of webmaster and fundraising chair. I created the website and helped the chapter fundraise money. I was also placed in the recruiting committee to help recruit members. During my free time, I play with my puppy Lyla and binge watch netflix shows. My favorite DSP memory is when I got to travel to Portland, Oregon with my brothers. We attended Lead and learned a lot about the fraternity and met so many brothers from different chapters all around the u.s. My career goal is to work as a product manager anywhere in California.

risk management

ethan bach  

Hello everyone, my name is Ethan Bach and I am a second year mbe major here. I currently serve as risk management in DSP and recently pledged in spring 2020 in the iota class. I will be graduating in 2023. Aside from DSP I am also apart of VSA which is Vietnamese Student Association where I represent my culture there. When I go back home to San Jose, I work as a barista at Happy Lemon and have worked there for about 2 years now. In my free time I enjoy playing sports like hockey and volleyball. I also like going to concert events and hanging out with friends. my Favorite DSP memory is Big and little reveal. I want to work in an accounting Firm.


laura cabrera 

I’m a 3rd year at UC Merced, studying Management and Business Economics and minoring in Political Science. Other than serving as vpsa and webmaster for dsp, I am also involved in the Marketing Club, ASUCM-CAB, and work at the UC Merced- Students First Center and the UC Merced-Small Business Development Center. In my free time, I create Spotify playlists and work on my personal portfolio/website. my Favorite DSP memory is Spring Retreat 2020, I loved bonding with my brothers. I want to work in the entertainment or music business industry, I would like to network and work my way up to ideally do management. I envision myself creating merch for artists/organizations or being a publicist, I would really want to improve my graphic design and marketing skills in a team before taking a role in management. I want to eventually work under Sony Music, Universal Music Group or Live Nation..